Views on character development of youth in India

As the young runaway walked in to seek his blessings,
The old monk did fulfil his wish, put only partially.
He would have to wander the country far and wide he was told,
Like another before him had. Only then, could he begin to appreciate,
The true nature of what it meant to serve society
“I’m a Sceptic”, said young Narendranath.
“And I cannot believe you when you say you see God.”            
     “I see him as clear as day, young man!”, came the reply.
     “I see him as clearly as I can see you.”

Ramakrishna approached Naren and advised him,
That it was not wrong, to not believe.
But it was wrong, to understand and yet not believe.
And that was a lesson Naren carried with him his whole life.  

Because to him the most defining goal in the life of a Guru,
Was how he built up the character of his disciples.
Of how a Teacher imparted education to his students,
So that they may one day follow in his footsteps,
And turn out to be ideal patriots themselves.

 He relied on the wisdom of the Hindu religion,
Of sacred texts and the concepts of Vedanta,
To formulate his approach for the development
Of future generations of his country.
To take them out of the dark ages,
Of ignorance, false belief systems, and servitude.

To inspire the youth to follow their dreams,
But with a clean heart, and one which,
Even in the dirtiest of hands, does not get a stain,
Of indecency, of wrongdoing, of ingratitude.
And he practiced what he preached.
As a role model for millions.
For all Indian youth alike.
And for one particular eager young man,
Who left home to join the organization he had founded.
Years later, when the youth was no longer a mere youth,
But a man having seen the best and worst of India,
And who, like another before him,
Had wandered the country far and wide,
Developing the youth into worthy young men the nation needed.
Attendants rushed to inform the head of the monastery,
Of the visitor coming to see them that day.
The monk smiled and simply said:
“The Prodigal Son has returned.”

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