Swami Vivekananda
A great Visionary

He imagined the India of Today,
When it was but a vassal of the Empire.
Knowing fully well that a few years hence,
His people would heed his words someday. 

‘You must understand your roots. 
Your traditions and your mores, 
Reason why we do things the way we do, 
Our religion, and its many attributes.’
Did he know then? Had he conceived?
That we would one day be a superpower?
Maybe he did. Maybe he did not.
But he had in his heart, always believed.
‘An India that truly accepts its true self 
Of Vedanta, of the true method to Hinduism 
Because until it does so, it shall remain, 
A Nation, bitterly divided against itself.’
Two centuries ago he had preached,
While encouraging his countrymen thus:
‘Arise, Awake, and Stop Not, 
Till the Goal is reached.

’Did he know then? Had he conceived?
That the India of the 21st century would
Would arise like he had exhorted it to?
That he would be proud of what we have achieved? 

‘India Beckons’, he had once reckoned.
And to that call of knowledge we do,
On his Birth Anniversary salute.
The man with the vision to see beyond.
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