Harmony between East and West

‘Sisters and brothers of America!’ The young yogi thundered,
And held his audience with rapt attention, with all eyes peeled on him.
There was no doubt though, that there were sceptics aplenty,
To whom the East was a land exotic, fantastical and yet grim.
Their wrong assumptions though soon, were to be torn and cast asunder.

 The word Orient was the umbrella, under which The East was bundled,
And yet it was a disservice to the civilizations it comprised,
Many of whom were ancient civilizations, with mystic religions,
About whom the West knew little or in some cases, even despised.
Swamiji’s address changed all that, with all the detractors humbled.  

At the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago did he first start,
What was soon to be the turning point of religious interaction,
Between the inclusive East, and a curious West.
Blending Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity in a wonderful assimilation.
And with that, all across America did he this harmony of both worlds, impart.  

‘That the paths may be different and the methods many,
 But leading to the same destination are all they.’  
Thus spake Swami Vivekananda to his ardent disciples.
Converts from a binding form of worship, to a more liberal way.

Many came to ask and argue, and never was one unconvinced, if any.    

Harmony between the West and the East he advocated,
Was a natural law of the way the world worked,
And was the only possible conclusion,
In the dawn of a new age of enlightenment he evoked.
Because understanding each other’s culture he stressed.  

Thus he addressed, emphasizing
Harmony and Peace,
over Dissention and Destruction.
A World Parliament Religion, over
A War over Religion…    
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