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Lessons from Swami Vivekananda’s Life

Essaying many roles in his life, he trail-blazed across the country.
Leading the life of a Wandering Monk, a holy ‘Parivrajaka’.
At first discovering all that India had to give, via its myriad people
Then absorbing all the learning’s from the land and its people’
And finally when he thought he was capable enough to do so, 
Imparting the knowledge of the true spirit of humanity, back to his country.

He taught the lesson of the need for curiosity, of insatiable hunger for learning,
Even as he travelled to distant shores and met new cultures he learnt,
About their ways of living, about their prayers and meditation,
And in turn teaching them, the powers of our ways of meditation.
Because of the undeniable fact the curious mind does a self-fulfilling prophecy,
That the learning leads to knowledge, which leads to the hunger for more learning.

It was not that he had it easy in life. He had to undergo extreme hardship.
Never flinching once, through extreme hunger, thirst or pain or sorrow.
Because hardship taught him the true value of the things we hold dear,
And that time will one day consume, the very things we hold so dear.
In the end he too would emerge a stronger, determined, wiser person.
He attributed all of his intellect to the lessons learnt facing up to hardship.
But it was his life as a wandering monk that gives us the biggest lesson of them all.
A life of mingling with the true denizens of an India suffering under the rule of foreigners.
Of trying to remind them of all that was once glorious and great with our country.
Trying to raise them out of their stupor, to once again make great our country.
Because a nation sometimes needs to be reminded of what it once was a long time ago.Because sometimes the best person to do so is a lone, wandering monk to teach them all.

‘They alone live, who live for others’, was his greatest lesson. 
Because if there was one thing I learnt from Swami Vivekananda, 
It was placing the interest of the nation before the interest of the self.
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