Swami Vivekananda’s Teachings motivate me to…  

To Believe in myself. That I can be an agent of positive change.
To never let doubt sink in, diluting the objective of mine.
To seek the brightest minds out and in this knowledge exchange,
Motivate myself to develop a sharper mind, with the eagerness to learn.  

To Strive to achieve my goals, with the noblest of intent,
To accept ridicule and opposition, as par for the course,
To struggle against the odds, for only can the intent of making a dent,
Motivate myself to make a difference in the lives of those I hold dear.  

To Meditate upon my actions, before performing them.
To appreciate the things I gain because of it.
To understand that the only by meditating can I then,
Motivate myself to lose ego, self-doubt and negativity.  

To Serve the poorest of the poor as I would serve my Nation.
To relive the glory that my country once possessed,
To try and recreate that now lost glory because only can that passion,
Motivate myself to keep trying, and never give up on myself.
He not only motivated the youth, but led by example he did.
It is therefore with great admiration, that we regard him,
A great spiritual master, as to his spiritual master, he once did.
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