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Those who insist that morals should only be taught at home apparently have not seen some of the homes many kids come from. In many instances they have no guidance at home and zero social skills. A major part of a student's education today is the "unwritten curriculum" of how to cope in society. If schools only teach academic subjects, then the student has only been partially educated. It is necessary to train him/her to be a responsible law abiding citizen. I think it is not only proper but absolutely necessary that students be taught proper behavior and a clear distinction between that which is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. It is a dangerous assumption to assume they will learn it at home.
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Yes . moral education is very important in our school life . as it teaches us how to respect our elders teachers . And it also teaches us that we should help others . we should never be selfish . we should always speak the truth. this all education is very important for us . asit build us good behaviour in our self . our parents send us to school so that we will be good in behaviour and perfect in everything so moral education is very important
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