I believe the three friends made a nnumber of memories...... some good, some humorous, and others that they will hopefully be able to laugh at one day. All in all......I think they'll look back on the trip as a pleasant journey with friends.
Tell me aanswer in about 150-200 words
from the trip three friends were happy and enjoyed the trip too much by this trip three friends memomrised ther previous incidence and memories which they had with thier frnds in past
many of them were good some were humurous and others were full f fun .
Such as the mr.poppets incident the chesse  incident  and many more .as in mr.poppets incident they know about mr.poppets habits how he make a small work a big incident and the chesse incident in which his frind takes al lot of chess with him in the train because of which all the peoples of that coch get away from the coch and when he reaches his home his wifes get out and take a room for rent in a hotel until his friend through or use that’s all chess .

And  such a many incident they memorise