Because it can irritate you when you are studying and even you dont concentrate on ur studies and u will be like , there is a post on facebook and i have to see and then u leaver studies and go to see wat new has been posted....
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“Honestly, I sometimes truly wish that ‘tools’ such as the iPhone (or any smartphone), laptops, iPads, tablets, etc. hadn’t been invented. Sure, they’re great, incredibly useful, and fun time-killers. But the way teenagers abuse them, and turn them into mini social control rooms is frankly awful.”                                    disadvantages of social networking1. Lacks Emotional Connection                                                                              2. Gives People a License to be Hurtful                                                                3. Decreases Face-to-Face Communication Skills                                               4. Conveys Inauthentic Expression of Feelings                                                     5. Diminishes Understanding and Thoughtfulness                       
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Disadvantages of Social Networking