Hi my name is .. lets me start without wasting yours and my time let me start a the speech nowadays everyone would have mobiles, ipad, tabs , andriod devices etc.. we all know what is technology as we all are moving forward to 2020 and maybe our earth will live more , but now we all are being more intellegent as we are getting to connect will social media and apps which help children to study i guess most of us have social media and apps to study because childrens mind before a stage in life comes where they know everything i like childish they do what they want and insist to do their mind can understna dbetter thorugh videos and moving pictures yes the tecnology helps we see new ways on a socila media called pinterest which gives us new ideas related to art etc so now i prove that tecnology is making children smater 
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so tell (consider) it as the brainliest answer u can do that
means tell  it as the brainliest answer 
it is the brainliest answer.
u have to say like where it shows zar answered ur uestion so smthing u have to do and consider it as the brainliest answer