Hii everyone my name is ... today let me give a 1 minute speech on science and future if there would be no science our generation woudnt have reach nor this earth would be found no one knows infact i dont even know what is our future in future we can say the world would be tecnological or a earthquake would come there are a lot of predictions the countries of the world have started for the future but for this all they need science if i ask suddenly to u wat is science could u be able to think in 1 sec no because our brain needs time . so science and future were and are predictions , tests , things to discover . thankyou !!!
Science it is a main part of our life. as in past there were no  science and they were unable to travel fast ,watch movies , make movies, or many a things but now with the science it is possible and we are to do so and in the there can be many a changes in our science and we can do many more things. and all our future and our life is just depended on our science greater the science greater the techonology and greater the improvement in the country or world. science is just our  future and the future is science.