see what we should see why the person is doing wrong things and then tell him that it is wrong .

we should take a look at both sides of the situation , why the person is doing such things and if no specific reason then we should tell him the consequences of doing such things may lead to and don't forget to be patient and calm because wanting to do things in a hurry does not gives a good solution.

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We treat the person doing wrong things by following ways:-

First we can complain about the person to the police.

Second we can speak to the person or we will explain the person that doing wrong things is not right.

Third we will complain to his or her's neighbours about this.

Fourth if the situation gets worse then we will observe the situation by sides.

if we will fight with the person the situation will get more worse than before.

or we will give him or her a solution that he or she can stop doing like this

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