Some students are throwing and discard their books and notebooks without any consideration.After final examinations some of these books and notebooks are in rather good condition and can be used by anyone.How can you create awareness regarding such things and Who else can you think can help you to solve this problem?




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Awareness in this case can be created using many things.You can write a notice to inform students to sell their old books at low costs by starting a book fair in the school by taking permissions. Various students can take part in it.Whoever wants to sell can sell the books and who are in need can buy at low costs.Whoever want to donate could also donate their books instead of selling. Students would understand the importance of such things by taking part in this book fair.They would not discard their books.Students would also have a lot of fun selling and buying books.Those in need would be helped and the books would also come in use.Thus, next year onwards, they would follow the same procedure.This would be very helpful.
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You can create awareness by various ways such as:
1. Guide them that books are very important everyones life and so it should not be discarded but should sold to some needy person even though he is not understanding you can explain the pros and cons.
2. Tell them to donate in some libraries wherein atleast once everyone can read chance by chance.
3. If they dont want to do any of the process request them to not to discard & keep it safely. So that even if once in a while anyone as the need he can give that book for temprary bases.
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