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It's all about controlling capacity and the interest towards it..U might have observed that U have to write ur homework but when U are addicted to game in computer or any social network first you move towards it..and this could only be controlled when u fix in the mind like I should not do it...If ur determination is strong nothing could stop u ...only the thing follow what ur heart says not ur mind !mostly the first choices are right..and the one which is saying don't do it is right work BE POSITIVE towards urself and be controlled practicing it will bring it to ur hands to control urself

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dear, i m sure ur ideas will surly help me in doing good. ..☺
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thank u Murari.
We are able to stop the bad work .It's on our thinking capacity and our concentration to the best work that we have to done in coming time. Doing bad work we feel some rough such that why I am doing this .Then at that time we have to stop to work that . We promise to ourself that "I am nt going to do this again , it is a bad work . I will be seen as the downsight of society ." So we try to stop to do the work that is wrong.
absolutely true....DEAR☺☺☺☺