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good morning every one I am standing before to talk about my topic .nature is the world around us. we the human being depend on the nature every time for every thing like natural resources. many people admire the beauty of the nature and even they write many novels and poems on it because the beauty of the nature cannot be expressed in one single though or saying. the nature provides the humans, animals and all the living beings on the earth a place to live. the nature is the world around as I said before only but we the human beings are destroying it by using its resources in a wrong way and exploiting it. the nature is now totally getting destroyed because of the pollution and because of this pollution the is global warming and this global warming is destroying all the natural resources and even the nature. the nature is an good place to be peacefully but we humans destroy it for our livelihood for our living place and for food and needing. the nature would be good only when the human beings don't destroy it and take care of it very well.   
                                          thank you.
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