Request someone else who is not so busy to help the kitten and went to exam. Or Took the little kitten to the school medical room where the doctor can help me and i could also attend the exam. Hope it helped u Please mark as brainliest answer and click Thanks.
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Im a nature lover and i have special attraction towards cats of my locality and i live in Saudi Arabia not india so sometimes i take a plastic bowl full of water and keep near the big street dustbins so that the cats and kittens could drink from that because i saw so many times that many cats were drinking from stangant roads and streets water though they are not human but stills im pained to see them. To talk about your question if i had exam and i saw a kitten on the roadside injured and im late still i would'nt touch them and their injuries though i love and care for cats i would try my best by letting the people know or else i would say the watchman of my building to cure the cat and place it on the safer place awat from all the cars and crowd.
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