Hello, dear audience. Good morning/afternoon/noon/evening. Today, I am herein front of you to talk to you about the pros of sports.

There is a very well-known saying - "All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy". This proverb does not only implies to Jack but to everyone.

Yes, its true. Only studying makes one's life dull and bored. Furthermore, too much study weakens our health - tired eyes and forgetting frequently are two common problems caused by excessive study.  

Sports are very important for everybody. We should play regularly to stay healthy and fit. We really exercise while playing. Sports improve our body immune system thus promoting good health. Sports also help us to learn good qualities. They teach us to be disciplined. Maintaining rules and regulations of sports teaches us to behave justly and fairly plus, discipline. They also encourage the spirit of cooperation and leadership in us. 

So, along with studying, we should also look after our health by playing different sports.

That's all for today. And in this way, I end my speech. Thanks for listening my speech with interest.  
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