We all take water for granted. It is one of those natural resources that most people do not put a lot of thought into, but in order to continue enjoying that free supply of water for many more years,
change must be made.Rainwater harvesting is the process of collection of rainwater from surfaces on which rain falls, filtering it and storing it for multiple uses. Rainwater harvesting puts the supply of water back to normal levels. It is the collection and storage of water from surfaces that rain has fallen upon.In  a normal scenario the rainwater is collected from roof buildings and then stored inside of a  special tank. Rainwater harvesting systems are designed after assessing site conditions that include rainfall pattern, incident rainfall, subsurface strata and their storage characteristics. Rainwater harvesting is popular all across the world, although in countries that are very dry, such as Australia, it is even more popular.
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Rainwater harvesting is also called rooftop harvesting. first of all we would make a tank on the ground to which a inletpipe goes from outlet pipe of the roof. there would be a outlet tap on the side of the tank . when rain occurs water from roof goes to the tank . then we can use a filter at the outlet tap. either we can use it for watering plants or drinking. it depends on us.
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