There r three main archipelago of  islands in india r maldives ,lakshadweep and andaman and nicobar islands.
maldives - it is a island in the south west of india near sri is a ut
lakshadweep is famous for its coral reefs and marine is located in the south west above maldives.
andaman and nicobar islands is famous for its mud volcanoes,tribes and the cellular jail. its was damaged in the 2004 tsunami and today their r  also remain of the destruction.the tribes live in the dense forests of nicobar
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India has two groups of islands. The Lakshadweep Islands lie in the Arabian Sea, to the southwest of the mainland. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands lie in the Bay of Bengal, to the southeast of the mainland. Lakshadweep is composed of small coral islands, covering a small area of 32 square kilometres. Kavaratti Island is its administrative headquarters. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are bigger in size and are more numerous and scattered. The entire group of islands is divided into Andaman (in the north) and Nicobar (in the south). Both these island groups are rich in flora and fauna, and are of great strategic importance to the country.