Your school does not hava a playground and may students wish that there was on .they play close to the road and this has caused many problems in the past .discuss with your patnr
Q.what alternative arrangements could be made? u could convince your school authorities to resolve the issue?



Problem Solving  

Shrutii : Hai, Agilandeshwari, hey why what happened ? Why are you looking so dull ?  

Agilandeshwari : About playground only. There is only one which is close to the road. So what we can do ?  

Shrutii : Yup, I know what you are talking about. 

 Agilandeshwari : Whom do we tell our problems? Where do we play? 

 Shrutii : hmm! Idea !  

Agilandeshwari : What ? 

 Shrutii : Can we say the problem to our Principal sir? Would it be alright ?

  Agilandeshwari : Awesome idea, we can go with our class mates and we can try to convince him to built a new playground. It should be safe and not to be near the road. 

 Shrutii : If he didn’t take this issue serious. Coming week we are having parents and Teachers meeting (Open house 2). On that time we can write on complaint and we can put in the suggestion box. 

 Agilandeshwari : Not you and me, everyone should put  

Shrutii : Yeah! Ok. Let us convey this to all our class mates and we can move to Principle.  

We called all our friends and gave a go..

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