Me-hi Ayush (my partner) why r those boys throwing eatables in the dustbin.
Ayush -Bcause they cant eat it anymore and also they dont like it.
ME-but they can share their food with someone morever they can take their food home.
Ayush - they dont like to share their food with and they dont like to take their dislikes home.
Me - but what can we do now ???
Ayush - dont worry about that friend 
Me - but in india they r many beggars who dont get food.
Ayush -animals also
Me -so ur also understanding
Ayush -lets complain this to the principal and when she will dictate it to 
 everyone  in the school they will not throw anymore.
Me - i hope so
Ayush -But wat can we do with this food that they have thrown,
Me -it can become a good fertilizer and it can also become food for animals.
Ayush-Oh!the bell has rung lets collect that food in a pollythene bag.
                           AFTER COLLECTING
Me-IT was so easy bye see u tomorrow
AYUSH-Dont forget to tell it to the principal cya
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