How and why did the brambles keep the fact of bill being a professional boxer from harold? what values prompted them to do so? do you think they think they were justified in doing so ? what would you have done,had you been one of the parents?(ch-keeping it away from harold)



The Brambles kept the screat or fact away from his child because Harold was very gentle and sophisticated in behaviour. Mrs. Bramble had fear that it will be difficult for Harold to accept the qualities or behaviour of his father. So , the Brambles found it better to hide this secret of being a " Professional Boxer".

In case of them , Yes I agree they were satisfied  as they both were having fear of acceptance of the qualities of  his father.

If I am in  the place of Harold's Father , I should tell the truth to Harold that I m a " Professional Boxer" , so that Harold would not think that I had hidden anything  from him.

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