The biggest problem in the middle/high school years is the student's overall tolerance with inappropriate behavior. In an average class there may be one to three students that are behavior problems and are not interested in learning or doing the work. They talk out in class, they make fun of other students, they distract other students and the teacher while learning should be going on. Teachers are equipped to deal with these distractions. The larger problem is the reaction of the class to these students. Often the other students will laugh, begin talking, lose focus or encourage more inappropriate behavior. This adds to the time away from covering the material the teacher needs to go over. Instead, if students realized that these peers were detracting from their education and chose to ignore them or gave them some form of negative reaction, perhaps the distractions would happen less. It is up to each, individual student what they take from their high school experience. Yes, teachers make a difference to an extent, but in the end it will be 'your' time and 'your' effort that will bring about the result you want. So, the biggest thing you can do to make your high school a better place would be to take charge of your education and see it as your job, for the time being, getting out of it what you put into it.
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School is an educational institute where one not only gets education but also gets the traits to become a good citizen or person in future. Often what a school needs to become a better place is to treat everyone with respect–fellow students, faculty, and administrators. To make your school a better place you have keep it clean like you keep your home for example if you walk along and see wrappers on the floor, pick it up and throw it in dustbin to keep your school clean. We often heard that smile is a curve that put everything at straight so if you see someone you know no matter it’s your teacher, fellow students or any helper, smile and say hello. Friends add happiness in your life and school friends are the best one so include more people in your group of friends at least introduce yourself and talk other students of school. You don’t have to be friends, but be nice to them is just enough to make the space around you better. Try not to indulge yourself in unnecessary fights if you do not find anyone’s behavior appropriate then tell them that are not a good thing to say or discuss with your teachers. Do not forget to greet your teachers when you leave or enter class as they have put a lot of effort into preparing us. To make your school a happy place it’s important to improve the atmosphere between students and students and students and adults which is not hard to do, but requires careful watch for possible difficulties. If everyone in school act in this way, then it is possible to make the school a happy place.