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The music is an art of different rhythms and sounds related in a way that the final result to be a nice melody. Nowadays people can't live without music. The music is like a pill when you are not in good mood and listening to your favourite song you will feel much better and relaxed. We could divide music in two parts: Traditional music and International! There are also different styles of music for every taste- Jazz, Pop, Rock and Roll, Classical music, Funk, House and many others.

According to some people, International music is more important than Traditional. The music known worldwide is connecting the different nations. This kind of music should be ideal for international cosmopolitan groups. For example, international music made by Bulgarians would be much more liked and understood by the world than the traditional one.

However, each country has its own traditional music and particular instruments based on national customs. The traditional music is priceless because it has been given from generation to generation. For instance, each country has its own anthem which revives pride in its citizens.

It seems to me that traditional music is much more important than the International. We have to preserve alive traditional music because it is fortune our ancestors left us. The traditional music of each country will stay alive forever while the International is changing repeatedly.And its priority is to unite all countries in the world.
Music was basically a luxury once only enjoyed by the royalties.we see that music was welcomed with mixed responses. With the promotion of this art form all over the world, the tastes and the opinions of the people changed gradually and it gained appreciation all over the world.It is a mode of recreation, an art industry, means of expression and also a matter of pride for many societies. Playing an instrument, be it the guitar or the table is one of the most pursued recreational activity.Many societies also attach their cultural sentiments to their own music and is thus of great significance to them.Many Indian societies consider music to be a form of worship. Thus, music is widely recognized and respected these days. But, music is being commercialized these days. A lot of money is minted through the music industry. This should not affect the quality of the music. Music is also a subject of study these days. Thus, we can conclude that music is truly important for each one of us