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(Two friends Sai and Rahul are walking back home from tuition.Rahul is sipping juice from a tetrapack and throws it on the pavement after he is done.)
 Sai(shocked at Rahul's indifference): Rahul,do you have any concern for the environment? How can you just litter on the street?
 Rahul: Oh come on! Don't start jabbering. There is no dustbin nearby and moreover someone will clean the street tomorrow.
 Sai: How can you be so reckless? Do you know how intolerant you are being? Have you any idea about harmful effects of garbage?
 Rahul: Hey stop making me feel guilty. You are speaking as if I have committed a big crime.
 Sai: What you have done is no less than a crime. There are many like you who are in the constant habit of littering the environment. This bad habit of yours make the environment pay  a huge price. Pollution,loss of natural resources and decreased standards of living are some of the side effects. Would you like to live with these consequences?
 Rahul(starts thinking and replies): Umm,no. Actually finding good air to breathe also has become a rarity. I wish if we had a  proper environment we could live and breathe comfortably.
 Sai: Exactly my point! If you litter, how could you have a clean environment?
 Rahul: Well,you are right. 
 (He picks up the tetra pack and puts it in his bag.)
 I will throw this later in a bin.
 Sai: Thank you. I wish it would be easy to convince more people not to litter. That is why the Prime Minister has introduced the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan.
 Have you heard of it?
 Rahul: Yes, but I don't know much about this campaign. Can you tell me?
 Sai: Why not?Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a national campaign by the Government of India, covering 4,041 statutory cities and towns, to clean the streets, roads and infrastructure of the country. It was initiated by the PM Narendra Modi himself. The objectives of this campaign are to create a clean and sanitation equipped India by creating awareness and a change in the attitude of the people.
 Rahul: This must be a really effective campaign then. I too shall become a part of it and I promise that I shall do my best to keep the nation clean.
 Sai: That's the spirit, my friend. So stop littering on streets instead start planting on them. 
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