A rooster layed 5 eggs the farmer took 1 from them,the 2nd rooster layed 2 eggs and the farmer took 2 of them,the third rooster layed 28 eggs the farmer took 8 of them how much is remaining?

Imagined.. and here is your answer girl :)
the rooster will not lay eggs
Yeah But unfortunately You have to imagine they do
anton i think ur genius like me it is the correct ans my dear friend


There would be 24 left because there are 4 eggs laid by the rooster left o left from the 2nd rooster and 20 left from the 3rd rooster.


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A rooster is a male bird hence, they do not lay eggs.
But if you are not considering such circumstances,

The result would be,
1st Rooster = 5-1 =4 eggs
2nd Rooster = 2-2 = 0 eggs 
3rd Rooster = 28-8 = 20 eggs
Hence, remaining number of eggs are= (4+0+20) eggs = 24 eggs remaining 
Thats what my answer is
i think there is no difference between the girl rooster and boy rooster they wont lay eggs
The Female ones are not called ROOSTER girl