INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE

One of the most popular topics among the Indians is IPL. IPL is full of excitement for everyone. IPL changed the way cricket is played in India and has brought in huge scope for the entertaiment industry as well.
No doubt dat those criketers earn in crores bcoz so many come to see an IPL Match. Twenty20 cricket become phenomenally popular after India won d it in 2007 nd the IPL has since then cashed on the craze. . From then on, India's involvement with IPL has been rewardind nd marvellous.
the thrill which is in IPL is in no other games. A last over can Change everything. This statement resembles to wat happened in the 2010 IPL finals. In that game,only the playes were playing but the  pressure was on everyone who were watching that Thrilling match
When Indian Premier League is going on, everyone is just totally involved in that game..
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Criket should mainly include cricketers and stadiums and records
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