Read the following sentences and write an observation in a single sentence using any one of the degrees of comparision.

a) tamil is easy to study b) social is very easy to study c) science is also easy to study d) english is not an essay subject to study.

plzzzz very urgent

degrees of comparision i want these sentences we use only one type of degree of comparison of all of them..??
plss answer


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A.Tamil is easy to study - positive degree b.Social is the easiest - superlative degree c.Science is also easy - positive degree d.English is not as easy as tamil,science and social.Hope it helps and pls mark as the best answer. :-)
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Buddy all of ur options are in different degree..
ohhh but i want all of these in one degree
Thnx a looot buddy..!! :)
Or welcome but am only say thanks for u