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Make a time table that should be followed every day
maths should be practiced daily for 2 hours minimum
science is a must
research on different topics or have an account on flipboard
5 hours learning everyday is great
go for tutions
use flashcards and highlighters
dont keep learning that u already know
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Studies can be done in a preplanned way making timetables. For science and maths you should never mug up writings(except biology to some extent) . Try to feel science and find the fun in mathematics. You must practise maths for Atleast 2 hours everyday. Another way is if you are truthful to yourself that u fix a goal that you will learn 5 pages of Social Science today. If you are able to do tht award yourself or if u r unable to do that punish yourself like no touching your phone for the next 24 hours
but cant live without fb
yea that's wht you have to overcome... spend more time to studies
but am intreasted in fb than studies