Characters: Traveler, Fruit seller, First old man, Second old man, First child, Second                          child, Their father, Traveler's friend, Traveler's friend's wife.
You can make the play in Bengali which is known as Abak Jalpan. There a traveler searches for water and when he asks a fruit seller for water he heard a name of a fruit and there starts a commotion. Then the fruit seller understands that he is asking for water. Then he started to scold the traveler about why he had told hm water clearly.
Then the traveler do not gets water from the fruit seller. An old man then comes and asks the traveler what happened and he tells the old man the whole story and the old man thinks that the traveler has come to that place from his home to drink water and go backs laughing. Then another old man opens the window of his house hearing the sound. Then the first old man tells the second old man about why he was laughing. They both start laughing. When the first old man went away the second old man tells the traveler bad things about the first old man. The traveler becomes irritated and runs away from that place. Then he sees a pond and tries to drink water and two children come and push him in the water and then the traveler chases the children and there father comes and start scolding the traveler. Then the traveler becomes angry and forgets about water. Then he goes to the place where he was going to. That was his friend's house. There he met his friend and his wife and tells the whole story about water and drinks a big bottle full of water. When I heard that your team has 9 members I gave some extra things to this story. I think you will like this story.
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