You are Jeanne. After coming home you realize that the villa was not actually bought and your husband has fooled both you and the landlady of the villa, you are filled with rage. disgust and helplessness because of husband's betrayal. Write your feelings in the form of a diary entry.



11th july 2014            friday                     8:30pm
 Today something happen which made me realise that i did not know my husband at all. We went to look at a villa which was available for sale. Gaston specifically said that he did not want to buy the villa.But he suddenly changed his mind and made a deal in no time.

I was thinking that bought the villa because i desired to have it. It was a dream come true but on reaching home he disclosed that he not only bought that villa but also sold the villa to mrs al smith . He made nearly 50% profit.

 I am dishearten and angry. Gaston is a big cheat. He made  a fool of all three ladies. I regret i can't do anything now. The deal is finished. I will never forgive gaston for this act of treachery.

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