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My journey in [email protected]:
When I started from hyderabad to reach Mumbai I thought for a while that I may miss somewhere as I was alone travelling. I came 2 hyd 4 studies to live in a hostel and study well nd pass with good grades my family was in Mumbai nd I was little bit terrified of travelling alone. but on the way when I was travelling I saw a poor disabled man on 1 station, I was surprised he is disabled nd y is he travelling what made him travel , I was really surprised. then I felt piety so I went 2 help him. but he rejected 4 help. nd he managed to step over the train, nd finally he got seat to relax. The relaxation was showing some hard work behind. so I got up from my seat I went there and asked that poor disabled man "R uh tired" he replied "yes" m tired. I asked y r uh so tired then he said am a scientist nd I was in my lab for whole 24 hours. without any sleep!! His words were so inspirational that it made me overcome my terrific attitude. nd it taught me confidence. I would thank god 4 that journey.
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