You see a lot of people in locality dumping garbage and litter in one of the empty plot in the area this leads to a serious condition of of flies,bacteria and other germs.moreover,stray animals like cows,dogs also worsten the situation and the place has turned into a mess.
1.what problems do you think this could cause? can you create awareness regarding such things?
3.why do you think people are inconsidrate about such matter? do you think people can the authorities manage this problem?
5.what role can students play to check such action?
6.what will be the reaction of foreign tourist to this?



1. this may cause diseases for many people mainly small children.
2. by writing a letter to the editor of any newspaper regarding this issue saying that our municipal authorities need some kind of wake up call.
3. as they don't care of what is happening in their locality . they are too busy with themselves.
4.they can take care of this situation by having regular rounds of dumping cars and cleaning of the area.
5. you can spread awareness about this situation.
6. it will be a very bad impression of the country and won't ever even dream of coming back to the same country again .  
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