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Introduction: It is a much common sight - posters and handbills stuck on walls of public property. It looks horrible. Does it look good - posters stuck on beautiful walls? It looks good or not, it is not quite the issue. 

It has both positive and negative consequences and effects. In this write-up, I am gonna discuss both the two sides and try to suggest some neat solutions, also give my views and opinions in the matter.


Positive sides: Firstly, I would like to mention the bright sides of sticking posters, handbills and stuff of that sort on the 
walls of public property

 It is a quick and effective 
method of spreading newsextending an invitationinforming people about any upcoming contests, and creating awareness among people

For instance, an academic group that provides tuition on IELTS. How will people get to know about it?

IELTS is one of the most imminent ways to go abroad. Many people in our country opt for high scopes for career build-up. In our country, there are high rates of unemployment. So, they want to go to foreign countries. Without the aid of handbills and posters, they won't be able to attract people, there. Nor can people struggling with IELTS find a good solution.  Using posters as the group's main medium of advertising, the group could attract people to it.

Posters are the most imminent ways to advertise and inform people about things. 

Another advantage of posters is that they attract people in the side of political parties. During elections, posters requesting for votes for a particular political leader or parties are hung in different walls. 

In the above-mentioned ways, posters can be useful.

Negative sides: Again, it is not even that nice having posters and handbills stuck on the walls of public property.

It looks terribly horrible and also spoils the beauty of the place
It destroys the grace of the place. 

Spoiling the beauty of the country will have terrible upshots on tourism. 

If posters and handbills are stuck on the public properties, the whole country's grace and beauty will be destroyed.
 As a result, the number of tourists in our country could decrease to nearly 80%. 

My views and opinions: Sticking posters on walls has both positive and negative sides. But, the negative effects over-powers or dominates the positive ones.

The public properties are an essential element of a state and we need to preserve them for our betterment. Sticking posters and handbills on the walls will only prove worse. Therefore, it should be prohibited. The government has to take every necessary step and action to protect the public properties, but, of course, with the aid of common people. 

Solutions:  Well, as true it is that the act will have negative effects, also it is no less true that posters are quite necessary, too. But, why not opt for banners? They could be hung on the walls and removed when not needed.

The rest is up to you :-) I am not the one who will be writing it, it would be you. So, include your views and opinions, also solutions not mine. 

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