Women can contribute larger than that of man in development of the nation also women can stand as "pillars of nation " but for this our government taking steps  to do so . Inspirationally, the "women as a nation's pillar improve their role with morality approach" is the form of the strategic perspective integration about the sidings towards women interests and aspiration work orientation in the process of the "people centered development." The government's mission for women development is to improve women's role as the motivator in the development of the future generation, as the motivator of the society through the organizations where they are involved in, and as the producer and consumer of the women's work contribution as individuals. Another mission is to improve the partnership concept with an equal gender perspective in all aspects of life and development activities.

First, to enhance the women's role in the improvement of national human resources quality and the reformation of the future generation.

Second, to improve and form a healthy, prosperous independent and devout family through social culture reformation with equal gender concept; to improve the women and woman organizations and other community organizations to expand and continue their activities and contributions in the economic, political, legal and social culture fields of the national development.

there are some more targets but as per the question  a WOMEN can become  everything from doctor to a sports  WOMEN but as india is not so developed in some villages women do not get more chances to prove themselves that is the reason the government are taking steps in development in women education etc ...
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