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Some food are mixed are harmful substance so that they look interesting and forces the children to buy the material.Food additives has harmful effects on children.They get fat and they are pains with a lot of pains.
Too much refined sugar (which is in EVERYthing processed) can cause ADD, ADHD. Preservatives are chemicals that your body has a hard time metabolizing. Just stay away from anything in a bag, box, or can. Stick to fresh foods, & fruit Z& veggie snacks. make sure to read labels & if the ingredient list goes on & on, forget about it. 

Stay away from MSG (monosodium glutimateis a preservative known to cause anal leakage), High fructose sorn surup (processed sugar), hydrogenated oil. 

If you dont know what it is or you cant pronounce it, dont buy it. 

The rule is, if man made it, dont eat it!! 

Good luck & happy eats