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Dear friends i am here to talk with you on time . time is the most important thing in our life . when the time comes for a action we should do it or we can't do it  again  if the time passes . good times and bad times both come in our life but we have to face them because this keeps our life going and last but not the least time is money after all . thank you .
what is time?

time :the definition of time is quite difficult .but let me try, time is something that we measure in seconds, minutes and hours. We can know the time by using a wall clock or a wrist watch.

What does the word precious mean?

If we say that something or someone is precious, then we mean that the thing or the person is very valuable and should not be waster or thrown easily.

"Time is precious”:

we all know this that time is very valuable. A  point of time when passes can never come back again. It is a lesson for all of us that we should never waste time and enjoy and utilize each and every moment of our life.