I am here to speak about on forigen tourist visit India and its benefits to economy
it's truly said that atithi Devo Bhava and we Indians have been following it since ancient times Incredible India has been attracting tourist to reach from all over the world to India its a matter of pried that this tourism is boosted by our secularism and culture
it plays a vital role in the economic development of our country too. we must accept the fact that tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earning traide in India not only this but it also promotes national integration and international brotherhood
tourism one of the fastest growing industry of our country it employs a large number of people both skilled and unskilled our hotels travel agencies transport including Airlines benefit a lot from It generates foregin Exchange do you know that promote the traditional handicrafts sector too. our country is home to some of the world's oldest Civilization let's welcome more foriner friends and help them explore the most beautiful place on earth.