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1) Health of an organisms depends upon the surrounding environmental condition because if there will be garbage on the streets and there is open drainage or something else then the pathogens will take birth there. From the open drainage the mosquito can be born which can cause malaria. Also from the unhygienic surrounding there is a possibility that we will eat contaminate food. We know that housefly act as a vector. First it will sit on the garbage and then our food which can cause diarrhoea. So surrounding must be clean.

2) Stagnant water is a birth place of dengue mosquito. If there will be stagnant water then the mosquito will take birth which can cause severe diseases. So the area must be free from stagnant water.

3) Health is a state of social, mental and physical well being. If all the people will help each other, will share their sorrow then a social harmony will be made and a person will be mentally healthy. Good economic condition is necessary for getting good opportunities of employment. Health is also depends on economy. If one will get proper earning then one will be able to get bland food which will make one's family healthy. So good economy is important.
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