Hobbies can easily be made proffession and if we work upto this we can live the best way of life..this depends on us how we plan our hobbies nand then work hard to make them our proffession just as steve jobs said that right we cant see where the dots are going to meet but yes only once we reach our goals years after we will come to know how those dots made up a path!!
steve jobs was a son of an unwed graduate who kept him for adoption but wanted him to be adopted by graduates ..but when he was born his adopting parents realised that they wanted a girl..when they were informed that a boy happed popped out..the said ofcourse they will take him!
later his biological mother got to know that steve jobs mother had never beeen to college and his father had never been to high school but they promised her that the baby will definately go to a college..he went to reed college as expensive as stanford and realised that going to college was unintresting and a waste of time so he dropped out from the college instead he went for the calligraphy classes and he could have never hoped that it would ever help him in his future life but when he made the first mactonish computer he added the different calligraphies he had learnt as fonts in it and since windows copied mac ..if he had never dropped out n dropped in calligraphy claases the world would have never had different calligraphies in a computer..
it makes clear that we should pursue our dreams and never judge anything to be useless !!
we should make best efforts to make our hobbies our professions,..
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 in order to determine which hobbies you practice could become your future career paths, you should better examine how easy it is to make a living from your leisure and recreational activities. For example, very few people can live from stamp collection, but many find it enjoyable. A lot of people like to observe and study the stars, but few have actually invested in this hobby and became astronomers. But a number of people who enjoyed traveling and writing have become journalists, or others who preferred cooking than dinning out have turned their passion into a flourishing business venture. Regardless if others find your hobby trivial or boring, you should invest some time in examining whether it has been ever introduced as a type of career. Even if not, do not get discouraged. People always find new ways to explore their entrepreneurship and business usually evolve just based on an idea. If you add on this equation talent, skill, and determination, you most probably have a winner. Whether you are an amateur writer or a painter, give it a shot and who knows? Maybe the next Hemingway or Picasso is you!If a hobby is a spare-time recreational pursuit, could you count the number of hobbies you have practiced over the past or you are still pursuing now and then that have given you some kind of return apart from the psychological one? In case you can identify even one, then you probably already know all there is to know about the pleasure of having a hobby as a profession. But if your hobby list is empty, or you are unsure if one of the things you are doing or have done during your free time could be categorized as a hobby turned into a profession, then you should better invest some time in reading the text that follows.

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