Travel less!
travel more!
travel alot!
as life is given to spent on the same place!!
so adventure is the best sport or hobby to be opted for a living!! we must know that adventure sports makes us more aware about Nature-- the purest bliss!!
Adventure is undertaking a task with an unknown outcome. It is commonly associated with the outdoor risky sports but applies equally to investing, starting a new business, or having a child. You don’t know how it’s going to turn out or even if you can do it.This speech deals primarily with high adventure sports and the lessons they provide. Why do people do these adventures? What benefits do they derive from them? How does this apply to you?There are a growing number of people (Jim is one of them) who believe that what we do in our leisure time has MORE to do with our success and happiness than what we do with our working time. People who spend their evenings, weekends, and holidays in pursuit of a meaningful adventure generally turn out to be happier and more successful than those who spend their free time in front of a TV, in a mall, or lying still on a beach.“Don’t be afraid your life will end, be afraid it may never begin”In this hour you’ll discover much more about adventure and its benefits as well as why you need it.Your body will look and feel betterYour self image and self confidence will improveYou’ll get better at fear management, trusting, and mustering courageYou’ll learn to be calm when you need toYou’ll learn much about yourself and your limitsYou’ll get a new belief on what’s possible and impossibleYou’ll learn to appreciate things you take for grantedYou’ll learn more about risk and why it matters to learn about riskYou learn that failure may just be the best way to learn new things 
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