Improved life chances for children resulting from their improved social emotional and behavioural development in schools or child care settingequity and the inclusion of children whose behaviour is challenginga happy and harmonious school environment  resulting from enhanced school leadership and improved skills in learning behaviour improvement and violence reduction for all school stafftraining for parents/carers and the local community so that children grow socially and emotionally in a partnership between home and schoolhappy children realising their full potential to learn in safe, harmonious and caring schools and homes 
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Such questions test your creative writing skills and should be done on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- All children should be able to enjoy their childhood.
- For that purpose, the government has passed many laws; human rights also ensure special treatment for children.
- All children must get an opportunity to get primary education.
- I can help people achieve this by making people aware about the importance of education.
- I can volunteer to teach one child the basics of reading, writing and mathematics.
- I can stand up against any kind of child labor and report such employment of underage children at the local tea stalls or the grocery store!
- I will certainly never allow my parents to employ child labor for any domestic work.

Hope this helps:)
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