Mystery is something that is kept secret or unknown. Mystery is suspicious. To solve a mystery Is really very interesting. The idea of mystery helps in the production of knowledge to solve some cases. Suspense and mystry holds the and all the concentration and focus of the people.
mystery is something which is difficult or impossible to understand.every day is a mystery you cant predict what comes tomorrow..or even the next minute.when u say mystery,what comes to my mind is the bermuda triangle..there are several theories to explain about why the planes dissapear or why the ships sink..some say that there is some sort of magnetic rocks under water over there which is so powerful to attract the planes and ships.or some even say that the aliens abduct the people from earth in that area for their planet reseach.but none of these theories are it still remains a mystery.
people cant bear even a small suspense..but mystery is more suspenser than suspense itself.thats the reason behind detective and mystery stories becoming best sellers..for eg books of agatha christy,hardy boys,etc.
mystery is itself a mystery until you know the true fact about it.not only that,when we were children,there were several mysteries around us..things we didnt know at that time..why did my grandfather die?why should i study?how big is the earth?room size may be??so everything is a mystery until you know what is the reason behind it..thats why people say knowledge is the solution to let us know more and overcome little mysteries in life..!!
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