It is a very common sight.We see people scribbling their names and messages on the walls of monuments.This things are probably deteriorating the beauty of this monuments.Does it look good when you see people's names scribbled on the walls of ancient monuments.Of course not! Doing this destroys the beauty as well as gives an unpleasant impression on the tourists about the citizen's responsibility.It will have great effects on the tourism of the country.

How to create awareness regarding this? - 

This can be done by starting campaigns and 'Heritage walks' to educate the community.
- It can also be done by advertising about protecting and taking care of the ancient monuments.
- Taking up various community sensitisation programmes to inculcate sense of pride among the students, teachers and the community.
- Organizing seminars where students will be lectured and informed about the importance of monuments in a country and the basic steps every individual can take to preserve them.
- Making Heritage clubs in schools.

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