french emperor Napoleon III had his supply of aluminium melted down and pressed into cutlery. As the oft-repeated story goes, Napoleon III was rumoured to have eaten off of the aluminium plates while his guests had to make do with ones made of gold. Whether that story is true or not, at this point aluminium really was harder to get hold of than gold and the price reflected that, despite its prevalence in the Earth compared to gold.All of that changed in 1886 when it was discovered (twice) that you could easily obtain oodles of aluminum using electrolysis. The discovery was made by Paul Lois Toussaint Héroult and Charles Martin Hall at almost the same time in both France and America, totally independent from one another. For this reason, the process (which is still used today) is referred to as the Héroult/Hall process in honor of both of them.but today they aluminum costs less than gold plz mark it as the brainliest
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