My magnet wire is not working. pls tell me what to do......

Plzz explain
I attached te wire to the dc current and the whole house current was gone in july 2014
Sry it should be the wire instead of te wire
i wanted to make an electromagnet
i did everything well but it just didnt work


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You can develop a electro magnet by passing electricity through it. It can get charged temporarily. ..
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thank you very much for giving my answer as the brainliest. thank you.
If you are trying to make an electromagnet, just remember these preventions:-
1. Circuit wiring should be good and correct.
2. The number of coils of the wire should be more (Approx. 80 coils).
3. Check whether the batteries are charged or not.
4. Any conductor of electricity should be taken on which you will coil the wire.
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