Teenagers often have weak eyesight due to lot of studies.Well, this is a common problem to almost 75 % of students.

A person usually doesn't do a particular work because of several reasons.May be your friend feels bad or reluctant to wear glasses when others are present.He might be thinking that others would make fun of him.

Q.How i would encourage him to wear glass ?

A. I would let my friend that he does not look bad at all when he wears glasses.Instead , he looks very nice and very smart.I will myself wear glasses which are just for show.I will do this mainly to encourage him.

Q.What i would say to convince him ?

A. I will tell my friend that this is also a very recent trend.I would also tell him that I won't tell anyone laugh at him.He will be able to write on the board properly and do all his work all on his own.

I hope in this way I will be successful in making him wear his spectacles.
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Ans.1 U would encourage and motivate him by telling that eyes are very vital and we should wear spectacles if we have a number. U should tell him that eyes help us to see the world so we should conserve it. Ans.2 U would convince him by having a convincing tone in your voice. U should tell him that eyes are very essential. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer...
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