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Take three rectangular mirrors each of equal sizes and put them at the angle of 60 degree.

take a tape and bind them strongly. 

Now take a cellophane or transparent triangular mirror and fix the at the end of the equilateral triangle you have made.

Now take some beads, bangles or anything you want to see in your kaleidoscope and put them ito it.

Now close this end too.

For decoration wrap a decorative sheet or wrapping sheet around it.

You kaleidoscope is ready.

Maybe It will help you!!
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Preparing a kaleidoscope is not that tough. Take 3 rectangular mirrors and attach them in a triangular way. At one end paste a butter paper of that triangle size and from the other end put some material inside it. When you'll see from that end the material you had put inside will reflect in the mirrors. The kaleidoscope is ready. Decorate it from outside so that it looks attractive.
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