1. Suggest me a Mathematics book for grade 6 or 7 which will help me to . . . . .
You know, studies. By the way, I live in India. Which book will be best for me?

2. How to convince my parents to bring me an Iphone when I grow up a little? If you are brainy, Answer that!



If you are in the CBSE board then go for ml agarwal or rs agarwal it would help you a lot in understanding
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Good mathematics book for class 6 and 7 are:-
1. R.S.Aggarwal's books of maths
2. R.D.Sharma's book of maths
3. srijan- maths booster

if you want to your parents to bring you an iphone, then first prove yourself to them. you show them you are concentrating in studies. you will use your mobile carefully for good things, not waste your time in it and it is not going to bother your studies.you also show them you need that iphone very much, if really. so you show them these, and there are more chances of getting an iphone. but don't ask for it for your own fun. and if it will ruin your studies, then forget it.
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