Why does a democratic country needs a constitution?

a democratic country needs constitutinon for many ways like india has different castes some belongs to high standard some belong to lower so in so the peoples of higher ranks would not allow the lowers to uplift themselfes if ther is no constitution . constitutions give all the people equal a of hi


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A democracy means: a government by the people, for the people and of the people. A democratic country needs a constitution because of the following reasons: 1. In a democratic country general public choose their leader to exersise their powers and responsibility on their behalf. 2. It is always possible that these leaders might misuse their powers therefore the constitution provides safe guards against them. 3. Constitution of a democratic society ensures equality to everyone. 4. Constitution ensures that minorirties are not excluded from anything that is available to majority. 5. The people in democratic society of India have a direct role in electing their representatives which is allowed by the constitution though people are able to opt the government of their choice.
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A constitution is not needed by the country, but rather by its population. To understand how and why it is needed, we must harken back to the "olden" Roman times (archaism intentional, purely for stylistic purpose).

Rome, like most ancient civilisations, did not have written laws. Whenever there was any dispute, the Senate, formed by the elderly patricians, was called to action. This was a very conservative system, not only were the Senators elderly and not elected, but they were members of the upper class. Their role was to know, interpret and apply "customs" when the dispute must be settled. This was a tremendous power, that they could use almost at whim to assert the privileges of the upper class when patricians and plebeians (the people) were in dispute.