YOU FOUND A BOOK FROM YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY LYING ON ONE OF THE TABLES OF YOUR CLASSROOM AT THE END OF THE DAY. YOU GAVE IT TO THE CLASS MONITOR TO HAND IT OVER TO THE CLASS TEACHER. HOWEVER HE HAS MISPLACED IT AND IS UNABLE TO RETURN IT. DISCUSS WITH YOUR PARTNER: • how would you handle the situation. what role do you think your friends can do ? what could you tell your teacher about the misplaced book?what oyher steps could you both take



We both can all search in the school premises. it can however be in the school premises. we could give a circular in the whole school that there is a book lost. we can assign some mentor, or badge holders or prefects, captains and vice captains to go all over the school and search for the book. we would tell them to spread all over the school in order to find ou the lost book. we can also give out a notice on the bulletin board that there is a book lost inside the school. we would pass on the messages to all the teachers  and bhaiyyas and didis of the school that there is a book lost in the school. we would also inform the librarian that the book has been lost . hope u all find it good.

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the steps u can take are that tall to your library teacher 
u should tell class teacher and take the class monitor's position
say sorry ma'am i should give it to you and class moniter should fine the book

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